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Animal Instinct is a 5-day event based on discovering useful activities which bring joy and happiness into our daily life – even if a part of it might be a short term discomfort. Guided immersion in icy water, breathing exercises, walks, movement practice, sauna, music and rhythm, games, common rituals and sitting by the fire … All of these activities will be a part of our Animal Instinct event.

After 12 years of experience with organising sport-events / camps in Miroslav, a small village in Czech Republic, I decided to develop the thought of adventure for a wider circle of people.

We started two years ago with a few friends and created the first ‘Animal Instinct’ for Czech participants. Our wish is to share our accumulated energy and life experience with everybody who would like to work on themselves and have fun at the same time. We would like to bring together like-minded people who share the same curiosity and enthusiasm. We want to work hard, laugh from our hearts, think and be united with nature.

Miroslav Sokol, Founder of the Animal Instinct event

Basic Information

Where and When

2.9. 13:00 – 6.9.2020 12:30

Slunečna Hut
Nová Ves 84, 795 01 Dolní Moravice
Czech Republic




350,- EUR before 1.5.2020
400,- EUR 2.5. – 1.7.2020

Payment: Account number will be stated as the last step of the registration form. Registration will not be valid until the payment has been received.

Cancellation: If you cannot attend, it is possible to cancel your registration before 7. 7. 2020 with 50% cancellation fee – or find a substitute to take your place.

The price includes: All day programme, three meals and two snacks per day, accommodation with all necessities, and extra equipment we need for the activities.

Other Information

The capacity is limited to 20 participants.

There are two levels on which you can participate:
Level 1 with Lia Tomat and Pavel Milička
Level 3 with Miroslav Sokol

You can choose the level you think would be best for you, with an option to change in case you under- or overestimate yourself. The description of levels and the idea behind them can be found here.

What to bring: Outdoor and indoor clothes (that can get dirty or destroyed), slippers, running shoes (for forest, rocks..), head-light, scarf, notebook, pen, bottle, rain coat, swimsuit, towel, small backpack, pocket knife, anything else you would normally use.



“What to say – it was just perfect. I loved the connection of mind and body. Maybe even something animalistic (for me, maybe something spiritual) inside. I liked working with my own body, as well as with the space that I had to stimulate my mind and the inner-self. Your attitude and attitude of all people was great. I usually have a lot of remarks but I do not have them now. The only disadvantage for me was the distance, but the place was beautiful and the owners were amazing. I really don’t have anything to say. Such an amazing event and thank you for that.”


“This year’s Animal Instinct gave me an impulse for reflection and finding answers on what else can I do with my practice (they were probably hidden somewhere back in my head already). As for the running, my goal is pretty clear. By the way, last Instinct gave me an impulse for running. Thanks to our morning runs to the view tower, I realized that it’s actually a really good exercise and I don’t have to be afraid of it. Although others told me it is not good for my knees. It took me awhile, but after some kilometres we became good buddies. So thank you!

Back to my previous thought. I had a feeling, that except for the running training, I stagnated in everything else. So thank you for giving me the impulse to stop, think, and realize why exactly I am doing this. I might have already had similar thoughts last year, but I didn’t pay attention to them. Now, my dedication has a solid base. My training will become more organized and not just running (ha… from what I wrote now, it looks like I had two-phase training everyday :-D).

Even my ‘easy load’ training deserves some thought, so it doesn’t become a waste of time.To sum up, the Instinct is an opportunity to meet new people, but even myself. It is a place where you can find a lot of inspiration, motivation and impulses for reflection. Not just from ‘instructors’, but from participants too. The great thing about Instinct is that the border between participants and instructors fades, and we can inspire, motivate, and encourage each other. It adds more value. “


“Really great event. The feeling at the place was almost like a family atmosphere. I enjoyed moments when my team was in the game so much, that you forget about time and can spend almost two hours running, jumping, crawling in mud and dust, and still have enough energy to laugh. At the end, you realize that you were sitting there at the beginning with sunstroke, tiredness and thoughts about bed more than the game. And this wasn’t happening just during the game, but during the training and with anybody from the whole group. Time has lost meaning. The energy and good mood was created thanks to the enthusiasm of everybody around, and that was the beauty of that. I liked the balance of all activities – training, games and “recyclation” (rest).

For me, you showed that you are a guarantee of perfect action. 🙂 Next time we could sleep somewhere outside the area. Maybe on the hill, so we could watch the sunrise straight from the sleeping bag.”


“Thank you so so much for everything you prepared for us as participants. Just now, when I am thinking about Instinct and all the amazing people, I have a smile on my face and tears in my eyes because it ended and I will have to wait all year long. I enjoyed it so much and experienced remarkable moments, have learned a lot of new things, met new people and especially recharged a lot of positive energy from I which still draw. Mentally rested, though the body was really tired.

It was exactly what I needed to break away from thoughts about work and useless thinking. I found myself thinking about my physical condition a few times (I know that it can always be worse), feeling like I was down in the dumps. I hope it was not so obvious because it faded really fast from the positive energy of everybody, and I could enjoy moments of peace and harmony. Unless we did not train :-D… Hard training, team games, moments of rest and relaxation, and possibility of self education in our free time – the whole concept is just perfect. You are amazing – how you can handle everything despite all obstacles that get in your way and nobody can see that.

Thanks to you I am not giving up, I’m trying to think positively and, even if it’s not easy sometimes, I have to deal with that and continue. One more time: “Thank you so much”.”


“First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience which I will remember all my life. Everything was very ‘Yours’, you were ‘printed’ in each activity. I actually don’t have anything more to add. If ‘feedback’ means a list of suggestions and feelings about something we have experienced, then I think my amazing feelings come from your authenticity. You do it in your way. I don’t know anything like this. I believe your success will not depend on what somebody tells you, you will keep doing it in your way with the same enthusiasm and originality. Continue with this next year. Continue with similar activities. You have it in yourself.

My overall impression since we said goodbye has not changed. Even though I am physically so tired (I know it is relative), I am mentally rested. After returning, the well known feeling appeared: “I am happy that I was part of it. I will always look back at these memories with a smile.” Strongest moments (ehm… moments… parts of flowing time I am grateful for): TRIM, running slope, sunrise, ice bath, Honza’s story about transmission, Olda’s free-time, sharing inner feelings while sitting by the fire, final training, and most of all: Your incredible energy. When you were able to smile, be nice and have fun during this huge physical exhaustion.

Hope you will forgive me. I do not want to describe more details. You know it well. And if somebody reads this (if he/she will decide to be part of it), I wouldn’t want to deprive them of surprise that will come from this free state of mind, when you do not create any expectations about programme. You just flow with it. Perhaps that is why I was so relaxed.”


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Event was cancelled for Covid-19 situation

‘Animal Instinct’ was originally used by Matan Lewkowich who continues with ‘Movement Lab’ practice. We use this name with his permission, as it best describes the essence of our event. Thank you Matan.