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Mirek Sokol

Hi, let me introduce myself. I am an organiser of Miroslav camp, Animal Instinct and training retreat in Phuket (Thailand) – 28 Days in Paradise. My goal is to help people as a personal trainer.

About me

I am a movement and conditioning personal trainer based in Brno. I help people with general motoric development and physical preparation. It is for all people from beginners up to the professional athletes level. A big part of collaborating with me is changing daily habits which determine who we are.

However, if your goal is to maintain your body and shape, without interest in any kind of learning and improvement, then I am hardly the right person for you. I do not even do classical fitness training. Instead, we will work on developing strength, stability, mobility, speed, and agility. All of that through physical exercises that will improve your proprioception (how we feel our body) and stimulate your brain.

No, you are not ‘too old’ for this. Maybe just too lazy. If you are not ready to follow your goals 100% (no matter what they are), the probability of our success comes down to zero. Above all, as a personal trainer I can be most useful to you in the moment when you fully commit. Not maybe. Not one day, next week, or ‘we will see’. Life keeps on moving – life is not waiting.

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MartinaAbukhlal 1

You should consider yourself lucky if you have an opportunity to work with a coach like Mirek. His personality is unique. He is not your regular coach. He will challenge you physically, mentally and push your limits way beyond your comfort levels.

I began working with Mirek nearly a year ago and feel greatful to have a coach like him. He lives and breathes fitness and this translates into his coaching. He knows the body and how far he can push you (it’s way beyond what I thought). Don’t expect anything else but hard work. He won’t let you get away with bad execution of the exercise. If you are not willing to do your best , don’t bother to waste his time.

Thanks to Mirek I made major progress in areas where I had hit a wall. At the beginning I couldn’t do basically anything Mirek was teaching. However, that changed over a short period. Every now and then I surprise myself that I can do exercises I never thought I would be able to do.

If you can make it to the seminar in Zurich/Basel, do it.
You won’t regret it and it might change your view of training completely. It might even change the way you train completely.

Martina Abukhlal, Personal Coach, Swiss Fitness Champion
Face Majki

Mirek is one of the coaches you will remember years after. His training methods are reflections of his own personality. His precision and willingness to work hard and learn is the same he expects from you.
This approach is not for everybody, but as a result you’ll grow not just physically but mentally as well. Be ready, put the time and work in and face some challenges. You do not get results here for free, but it’s like a good quality brand of Whiskey.. bitter&sweet taste you enjoy at the end of the day. For its quality and taste, you stay with it for years.

Marie Majki Dočkalová, Fitness Coach
mo face

Mirek is a rare person that you only meet every few centuries
Passionate – Dedicated – Responsible – Respectful
What he teaches you in training is way more than just training.
The crazy Mirek training will not only make you push your limits and get stronger, but also understand something way deeper about yourself and life.
He’s got this unexplained skill to convince you to do any horrible training with a big smile ( even after 5 min argument of NO, he will still make you do it with a big smile. I say witchcraft!)
But along the way, everything he does is for a reason.
The environment of the training is always healthy, fun and full of life, laugh and crazzzyyy

Mo Elgada, Fitness Coach, Osteopath
Face Sean

As a fitness professional myself, the fitness industry is full of ego, what looks good on instagram and the latest “cool”. Training with Mirek is a refreshing and true challenge, from the moment you begin you are aware of his passion to truly dig deep into what the human body is actually capable of, especially as you see him do amazing things with a humble nature.

Mirek’s training really pushed me to the limit of my capabilities, introducing movements that are away from the stereotypical gym concepts. This created new challenges for my body, that strengthen you at your base making you stronger throughout.
Even with all of this, he will help you develop your mindset towards training, but believe me it won’t be easy. He comes from a place of true old school discipline, this doesn’t mean he shouts, or pushes you without reason, it just means that you will truly be pushing the boundaries with him and when you get there you’ll realise it’s past the physical. This has to be something you are ready for as change will always start with you, but he will be there with his positively calm energy. Good Luck!

Sean Thomas, Fitness Coach
kim face

If you want to develop yourself and be pushed outside your comfort zone, Mirek is the guy to go to. His way of training is new (to most people), really fun but hard work at the same time. You have to be 100% sure to give everything, but when you do that, he does everything for you. He knows how to tailor training and programs to all levels of fitness, so that everyone can develop their skills. The part that helped me the most in my professional football career is that you can do so much more than you think.

As an example of improving my mental strength since working with Mirek; I used to believe I needed perfect preparation before a game in order to play well and give everything. But after doing hill sprints and a 15k mountain run after only a couple of hours of sleep I know that I can play well even if my game preparation is not as perfect as I would want. He taught me how to be more convinced of what my body and mind can do!

Kim Dolstra, Professional Football Player
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