On this page, you can find level description of all five levels we have at our events – from Level 1 for beginners, to Level 5 for everyone who would like to discover their absolute limits. This separation is here to help with decision-making during your registration.

If you are a professional athlete and would like to test your limits, Animal Instinct might not be the best choice for you. You can visit our camp in Miroslav instead. But if you are a professional athlete who would just like to learn something new, spend some time in nature, and explore its possibilities, then this event can be a perfect choice.

If you are not open-minded, maybe none of these levels is for you.


1xLevel 1

Level 1 is best for beginners in movement practice. Those, who have basic strength condition (e.g. are able to walk 10 km without physical consequences). Training is based on learning good moving patterns and stereotypes, building basic strength, mobility, coordination and proprioception (how we feel our body). Participants are led through the whole event in lower intensity and medium volume and are included in all accompanying programme.


1xLevel 2

Level 2 is best for those who exercise once or twice per week to maintain their basic physical condition and use physical activity to improve their lifestyle. Training is based on bodyweight strength training, mobility, coordination, proprioception (how we feel our body) and solving basic kinetic riddles. Participants are led through the whole event in medium intensity and volume and are included in all accompanying programme.


1xLevel 3

Level 3 is best for those who already have some exercise routine and consider sport as a hobby, but might not focus on general development of the whole body. Training is based on developing all physical abilities – strengths, explosive power, endurance, mobility, coordination, proprioception, accuracy, etc. We expect healthy physical and mental condition. We will move on average 3 times per day with one session in high or maximum intensity. There is still space for accompanying programme, common rituals and fun.


1xLevel 4

Level 4 is best for those who are used to high intensity training (repeated runs of the hill, longer exercise sessions etc.) and have good strength base in bodyweight training (push-ups, squats, pull-ups etc.). We expect healthy, physical and mental condition. Training is focused on all abilities of our body. We will move on average 4x per day with max two sessions in high or maximum intensity. Nevertheless, there will be preserved some space for comfort, rest between sessions and some accompanying programme.


1xLevel 5

Level 5 is best for those who are looking for challenges and want to touch their limits. We organise Miroslav’s camp on this level – following the motto: “The experience may not necessarily be pleasant, if it is intense.” We train absolutely anytime and in any quantity. Part of this event is higher discomfort in all directions – sleep, physical and mental load intensity, time difficulty etc. Accompanying programme is usually a replacement for passive rest (understand this: these participants snore everywhere). This is not usual training! This is not how to train. It is a way to test your limits!