Personal training


We will move a lot. We will constantly learn and, step by step, improve your physical abilities. Your daily habits might change. We will learn how to ask the right questions and set up reasonable goals.
– Do you take ice baths?
– Would you like to run a marathon or finish the Spartan Beast Race?
– Are you tempted to do a pull up or pick up twice your bodyweight?
– Do you want to concentrate better?
– Are your eating habits helping you with achieving your goals?
– Do you wish to find out who you really are in your rawest form?
– Is it important for you to control your emotions?

All of that will be part of your journey. Training will be tailored to your long-term goals according to your current state. Body shape is a secondary effect of regular training but it will affect you as well. Your level is not as important as how much you want it. According to the chosen goals we will use calisthenic, movement, mobility, run, basics from martial arts, conditioning etc.

Idea of ‘Experience Movement’ can be explained in many different ways. The most important one for me, is the depth of our feelings while we move. I believe that the depth of our feelings determines the quality of motion or any kind of activity we do. It determines the speed of learning and allows us to discover our inner world.

I live and train so that I can fall asleep nicely tired and happy, and wake up every morning with a smile on my face. My goal is not to live until I’m 130 years old, but to live longer still doing what I love.

Personal training or small group
– First introductory meeting is for FREE
– Price for 90min session: 1350,- CZK (55,- EUR) / 2 people 1600,- CZK (65,- EUR) / 3 people 1700 ,- CZK (70,- EUR)
– At least 2x a week for three months
– Long-term cooperation by agreement
– If the training is longer, the price stays the same. The price does not include entrance to the gym*. By appointment, it is possible to train at home.

In the case of long-term cooperation, the price is negotiable. Why this price?

* AZ Fitness 150,- CZK (you can use multisport), group training